If you are a job board owner, you can publish your jobs on

The process of integration is fully automated, very simple and it enables you to publish jobs quickly in our service. It also helps to save your time and money, and at the same time – control your jobs.


There are two possible ways of automatic integration with Meega Service:

  1. Exporting all your jobs via feed in a particular Internet location.
    In order to be able to start the process you need to prepare an xml feed by our specification and share it online. The feed should contain all the current jobs, which are mentioned to be published. They will be imported once a day by our robot, and the offers which have already expired will automatically be deleted as they are not in the feed any more.
  2. Receiving Partner's data on .
    In this process the data should be sent via POST method in the xml format by the specification which can be found below. Each transmission should contain the data of only one job opening. The available operations are: adding, editing or deleting a job.


Detailed specifications of export and the necessary glossaries can be downloaded from below:



If you have your own xml feed format, please send it to us and out IT department will confirm if we could use it.

In case of any questions or cooperation offers, please contact us: .